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With a great team work, we decided to place ourselves between leading firms in designing and manufacturing multipurpose vehicles by providing the best solutions for clients’ requirements and applications.


Our technical consultancy offices are well qualified and have proficiently to research between different applications in order to meet client requirements and support them for the most sufficient system they need; Ready to share and support the right solution on the right time for the client needs.


We work hard to meet client requirements through the technical office designs on the latest level, and start from others end, after revision of the law and regulations, and accurate study on the actual needs of the customer with full respect of safety and heavy duty.


"Finding a solution for every need" All technical and design team are working together by following updated programs for stability calculation in order to customize best solutions that makes equipment with best results and of course means less cost and much safe operations. We are covering needs for many different fields such as electricity power transfer, marine transportation, airport maneuvering civil construction.


The company depends on its work to keep up with the latest modern and special science technology methods to provide maximum safety and comfort methods for trucks users to perform the work assigned to them easily and in the shortest time possible, The company used the replacement for the old mechanical instruments, which used to take time and require double efforts with integrated electrical circuits, hydraulic and pneumatic circuits as extra safe and easy instrument to use, We keep up with the manufacture some modern components manufactured in a manner nanotechnology and studying how to use them in the near future.

Maintenance & After Sales Service

Our key focus is to optimize equipment performance and avoid unexpected costs of repair. All after sales service is conducted by specialists from our service departments with extensive knowledge of the latest technology in their respective areas. We offer a wide range of after sales solutions, from preventive maintenance and guidance to regular service check-ups.

Service Center

We are available to respond all emergency calls regarding high way stacking trucks and equipment providing best quick mobile service, covering technical assistance, spare part, and service repair 24/7. Spare part delivery .We cover all customer needs regarding spare parts with 24:48 hours with our mobile delivery service. All the customer need is to confirm his order in our fully equipped modern service center at Abo-Rowash or Highkesteb.

What Others Say

Procurement : Attaya order equipment and components from more than a hundred suppliers. Attaya accompany us to suppliers' shop test of critical equipment and confirm that the products meet the required specifications.

Operational trial, delivery : In the final stage of Truck building, the truck is actually put to operation and Attaya, along with us, confirm performance. Later, we bid farewell as the Truck leaves the factory to ply the world's surface, marking delivery to the us

After-sales services : Attaya take account of post-delivery customer feedback and quickly extend technical support to customers requiring repairs or supply of components. The information obtained through such activities is valuable and passed on to all the departments involved because the feedback is useful in efforts to improve quality

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