Liquids & Waste Water

super sucker

Combined jet-Vac system with hydrostatic drive

16 cbm capacity ( 12 vacuum + 4 Jet)

System drive: hydrostatic and or electro mechanic drive

Vacuum system: available in different version with blowers with Hugh capacity start with 1000 m3/h up to 20000 m3/h free air

Hugh vacuum capacity up to 90% - available to vacuum through hydraulic boom or rear suction valve – available up to 8" suction line.

Discharge: through rear gate valve or with blower support.

All gate valve with pneumatic control.

Jetting system: consisting of 10 cbm tank capacity supply the high pressure pump with clean water

The pump drive with hydraulic or split shaft PTO

High pressure pump available with capacity up to 400 L/M under 400 bar working pressure through pneumatic throttling valve.

All the system drive are protected under emergency shut off once any problem.

Option: tilting tank for vacuum room – with open/close rear door with hydraulic lockers.


super sucker