Liquids & Waste Water

supper sucker for petroulumwaste & sewarge waste water

Usage: supper sucker for petroulumwaste & sewarge waste water

Sytem: possitve

Control: electrical within control panle in addition to automatic control in sequance includes all indicators + gauges nessacery for pressure/vacuum , temprture and oil pressure

Tank: cylinderical shape with dish ends capacity start from 5 cbm up to 20 cbm made of carbon steel or stainless steel equipped with rear gate fully hydraulic control lockers and tilting operations

System has tipping ram for support discharge of heavy waste

Pump: providing positive system driven by split-shaft ensure full truck engine’s power to the pump

Pump available in version of vans and lob air or water cooled

Pump has 4-way pneumatic valve for maneuvering in between vacuum and pressure operations in addition to air filter to prevent reach of any dust or heavy material inside the pump body

Pump has silencer & oil catcher

Pump control on/off by pneumatic clutch no need to reach the truck cabinet

Pneumatic system: primary & secondary shut off valves to prevent any liquid to the pump body in addition to sound and visual alarm in case of tank fully filled

Gate valves: pneumatic control available in 4” up to 8” controlled through system control panel

supper sucker for petroulumwaste & sewarge waste water